A day to celebrate

For years I have wanted to see the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, but I have always been at work. This year I’m not working and at last I could watch it directly. It was great. Especially because of the beautiful and important speeches from two extraordinary People.


Malala Yousafzai I have already heard several times, She is so impressing and courageous that you keep wondering where it all comes from in a 17 year old girl, She sounds as if she has the wisdom of a 60 year old lady. Straight forward she says that she will work for education for all. The money from the Peace Prize will go to build Schools, first in the Swat valley where she comes from in Pakistan and then to other places. She will not stop! The audience would not stop applauding. And the tears were running Down many cheeks.


Before Malala Kailash Sathyarthy spoke. What a brilliant speeker! What a wonderful man! He told stories about children he had saved and met. One girl said after being freed: Why didn’t you come earlier? Yes, why do we wait, why don’t we act, what are we waiting for?

I wish that Michael could have heard these Words today. Some of them he has said himself over and over again in his speeches: «When I see the eyes of the children I see the face of God», said Michael, and Satyarthy said «the gods». «They are all Our children», which means all the children of the world. It’s we who must act, who must give them the chance of education. Sathyarthy believes that he will live to see all children free from slavery. There are registerede 169 million children working. That is 79 million less than some years ago, but still a lot.

Michael Jackson receives the Bollywood award 1999

Michael Jackson receives the Bollywood award 1999

Today many People sing «We are the world. We are the children.» That is the hymn of today. Michael would have been so happy for this day.

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