Words, Words, words

When Hamlet says these words he means that it’s “only words”, empty words, and he is so tired of all these words.


Words, Words, Words.

This time I will turn it around and say that words can change a lot in this world. It’s important how we use them, what we say and how we say them.


Yesterday I took the bus from the end station into town. I was the first and only passenger, and when I entered I heard music coming from the radio by the driver. I heard the words: “Make it a better place for you and for me”, and I felt a smile spreading from inside me filling up my breast and then come to my face. I looked at the driver with this big smile knowing that he was one of the strictest drivers often with a very sour face. Not today. “Have you seen the new schedule?” he wondered and I answered no. “Then you should take one. We now start 5 minutes earlier”, he said almost smiling, which I had never seen before. I looked at the time and saw that it was only one minute left. I almost missed the bus!

Sitting on the bus I felt almost happy knowing that these words were sounding from the radio. I remembered a part from a conversation I saw on TV the day before. Four musicians around a table talking about life and that it was too short not to be kind to people. Then one of them suddenly said: “Yes, it’s like Michael Jackson who wanted to make the world a better place.”


Two times I had heard this in two days. I know it’s only words, but they made me feel good.

It had been a weekend with a lot of important words. The Nobel Peace Prize had been given to president Santos of Colombia and his speech at the ceremony was really worth listening to. You heard words that encouraged you and gave you hope for the future. Listening to that speech you heard the best part of humanity. My eyes filled with tears and I felt so good to know that many people are striving to create something different and make the world a better place. Seeing his wife and children holding hands with tears in their eyes and being so proud, was also touching.


«Make a little Space to make a better Place»

I know it sounds naïve, but why not? “We make the impossible possible”, he said, and you don’t have to be naïve to know that this has happened before and it can happen again. It starts with the words. Then it is up to him and many others to make this peace a reality. I will follow the process with great interest and remember his words.


After a while on the bus I took up the book I was reading. It’s about the hotel manager Paul Rusesabagina of Hotel des Mille Collines in Kigali, Rwanda who saved 1268 lives during the genocide in the country in 1994. He says that he doesn’t understand how it could happen. He did not do anything heroic, he says, he only talked to people in a kind way. When the militia came to kill his guests, he took them into his office and gave them some beer and wine and talked to them as friends. They then postponed their mission, and this went on for 76 days. “I don’t know why they didn’t shoot me and my guests”, he says, “but they didn’t”. “I did not use any special language I talked to them as I always did doing my duty in the hotel”. While 800.000 people were killed around them in these few months, no one in the hotel was killed.


“It was the words”, he says. It was the words that made people hate each other and it was the words that could stop it.

If you believe in words, you can make the impossible possible just like Paul Rusesabagina did in Rwanda, like president Santos now is trying to do in Colombia and as Michael Jackson is doing every time we play his song “Heal the world”.




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