At the dentist With Michael Jackson

If you have had the same dentist for almost 35 years it’s a little scary to change, especially if you don’t know the new one at all.

This happened to me this year. My beloved dentist who has preached to me while I have been sitting with my mouth wide open had come to the conclusion that he would retire. Then he could spend his time studying what is his biggest interest: spiritual life.


Deepak Chopra

I have heard about the Indian-American Deepak Chopra before I knew he was one of Michael Jackson’s spiritual leaders. I had heard about sessions in India, trips to Egypt, former lives’ experiences and healing processes while sitting in the chair of a dentist. It was a special treatment. His patients loved him very much. He was kind and serious and you always felt he knew you well and cared for you.

And suddenly I was supposed to turn to a woman I did not know anything about. What if she was the very opposite? What if it would hurt more with her hands? What if she did not know about me?

All these questions turned around in my head when I was on my way to my new dentist the other day.


The assistant greeted me with a big smile and an accent that seemed to be from Polish or some other Slavic language. She showed me to the room and the chair. While waiting for the dentist to come she took some pictures of my teeth on both sides. I was ready.

Then she came, also with a broad smile. It was time to shake hands and present ourselves. I asked her what she knew about me and my teeth and it was clear that she had read what my former dentist had written. I was convinced.

Then it was time to lay back and take what might come.


The radio was on and just when I leaned back I heard some familiar melody on the radio. It was the most beautiful voice I know and he sang to me: You are not alone. Couldn’t be better! I said:


The most beautiful smile in the world!

  • Oh! Here comes Michael Jackson! Then I can relax. Everything will be fine!Everything went well at the dentist. She was nice and very good at her work. No worries!
  • The next day I was in the kitchen cooking. I had been thinking that it was a long time since I visited my former pupil who has been ill with cancer and is not able to go out alone.
  • imagesTR43GGMN
  • Suddenly I heard from the radio, and this song is not played very often on radio in Norway, «Will you be there» It seems that the world’s got a role for me, I’m so confused will you say to me you’ll be there for me…
  • «But they told me. A man should be faithful. And walk when not able. And fight till the end. But I’m only human.»
  • Once again he reminded me what I should do. I know Michael, you were only human, but you took a lot, much more than most of us.
  • Thank you. I’ll be there!
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