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I will try to Write some of the articles in English. It’s not my Language so excuse me for the mistakes I will do.

Words, Words, words

When Hamlet says these words he means that it’s “only words”, empty words, and he is so tired of all these words. Words, Words, Words. This time I will turn it around and say that words can change a lot … Les videre

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Språk er mer enn ord

Som oversetter og gjendikter har jeg mange ganger fortvilet over umuligheten av å gjengi noe fra et språk til et annet. Ofte må man bare skjære gjennom og la det stå til og leve med at man aldri blir helt … Les videre

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My island in the sun

For all my friends abroad who don’t understand Norwegian. I grew up on an island at the end of the Oslo fjord. A bridge was built the year I was born in 1952, so I never had to go there … Les videre

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Songs of comfort and hope

For centuries people have used poetry to express their feelings and frustration. Often individuals search for something that can express what they feel but are not able to say themselves. Then we find Shakespeare and Byron, John Donne and Emely … Les videre

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The nurse behind the headlines

I guess most of us will never forget the famine in Ethiopia in 1984. It created a lot of sympathy for the starving and money was raised as never before. But how did we hear about this and why did … Les videre

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Gypsy Boy

I have just read the most extraordinary book, an autobiography written by a gypsy or a boy from the rom people. On the book’s cover it says that he is from a Romany Gypsy family. The book is called “Gypsy … Les videre

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Friends, colleagues and pupils everywhere

Today it happened again. I was walking along a road in the morning trying to find a food store in this small town outside of Budapest. Suddenly I heard my name: “Astrid!” There was a car in the roundabout stopping … Les videre

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